Older adults

Creative Aging

Creativity does not stop, just because we age.  I once had a professor tell me that creativity is the last thing a person with dementia loses.  So why is it that as we age, accessibility to creative programs for older adults decreases?  Well, that is about to change. 

I provide individual and therapeutic art groups for seniors of all ages and skill levels.  Creativity goes beyond "I can't draw".  Older adults are given the ability to tackle hard to talk about subjects through the process of creating art and sometimes writing.  They are also given the ability to increase socialization and connection to others in a safe environment.

Offered services can be weekly, biweekly or monthly and can include:

Individual Art Therapy Sessions- These occur in the home or assisted living of an older adult and move at the client's pace.  Individual sessions are great for older adults who stray from group activities, but accept individual supports. Support topics are not limited to, but can include loss of a spouse, isolation, depression and anxiety. 

Art Therapy Open Studio - This group is unstructured and participants are given the ability to investigate their own themes and create their own work.  Participants gather in the beginning and set their intentions, create in the middle, and meet back together at the end to share their work.  These groups allow time at the end for discussion about a person's journey through art creation that day.  The hope with this type of group is that participants are supporting and connecting with one another.  

Traditional Art Therapy for Older Adults - This group is structured and takes participants through varying themes each week.  This group will touch on topics important to the aging process. (i.e. death and dying, loss and grief, isolation) As relationships are built from session to session, the hope is that participants will find commonality and decrease isolation.  As the group progresses, the group members will control the topics and the art therapist will supply the materials. 

Art Therapy for Caregivers - This is a structured group for caregivers of older adults.  This group is open to Adults caring for an older adult.  Stress-related topics will arise in these groups. This group's purpose to create relief for the caregiver.  It is also an opportunity to create new relationships and know they're not alone.

Art Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease and dementia - This is a structured group for older adults living with dementia.  These groups follow a theme and are failure-free.  The group is about giving a person living with dementia a safe place for self-expression.