This seems simple, but we all get tired....

With today's millennial generation skipping from job-to-job, are you finding yourself hiring for the same positions over and over again?  Why are they leaving?  What kind of small, meaningful benefits can you give, to get them to stay? 


Are you noticing that work loads are declining?  Are your employees not bringing that 100% you are looking for?  What are you doing to help them?  Is it really helping?


As a Registered Art Therapist, with a lot of burnout experience, I want to help you get the best for your staff. Creative arts groups for healthy adults in the business environment will leave you with satisfied employees and ultimately keep them from leaving.  These groups create purpose and inspire creativity.  

What to expect:

  • Focus-type groups to figure out where job dissatisfaction is.  This group is specifically setup to find out where dissatisfaction is in the company.  Employees are then given the ability to create a perfect scenario.  They can then present the steps needed to get to that perfect place.  This information is shared with the company and enables them to make positive changes that employees had a say in developing.

  • Creative arts groups where employees can work on stress management.  These groups will focus on arts-based cognitive behavioral techniques that employees can use while at work.  With the use of art-making, employees will figure out what causes them the most stress and how to overcome stress.

  • Arts groups where staff are given the space to express themselves through art and move on from conflicts in the work field. This group is themed around team-building and creating better relationships between employees